Yes, both options are possible. Please note that the item to be returnedcannot bear traces of use,it must have all the tags and you may not exceed the 14-day refund period. Detailed information about what should be done to return or exchange a product will be sent to you by e-mail.

All products presented on our website are available. If any product has been sold, it "disappears" from the offer and cannot be ordered.

We will make every effort to get it for you. Please send us an email with the name, color and size of the product that you are looking for. If it is available available in our main warehouses, we will bring it to our store.

First of all, we would advise you to take a look at the size guide presented on our website. 

Dotpay is a payment system which offers you a lot of payment methods to choose from, including a traditional bank transfer. We recommend finalizing the transaction through this system, because it allows you to see at once that the transaction has been completed and that the package can be sent to you. Please, remeber the payment directly to our bank account is also possible,however, the process of finalizing the payment (i.e. the receipt of information from the Accounting Department that the order has already been paid for) is usually takes longer.

If it was impossible to make the payment for your order because of technical problems, you can make a bank transfer to our bank account, which you can find here.

Unfortunately, it isn't. Our store is dispersed across different places (i.e. there is a shop office in one place, cash registers and Accounting Department in another and our warehouse still somewhere else), and it does not allow for the items to be picked up and paid for individually.

We do not. All orders are shipped by the DPD courier service, thanks to which the orders can reach you very quickly and – moreover - you can track the package on the official website of the carrier.

No, you don’t. Registration is optional. However, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the possibility of registration, because it is connected with various benefits. the most importsnt is 5% discount for all registered customers.

Creating an account will bring you many benefits, such as:
1. extra discount.
2. Quick access to the information about your orders and their status.
3. Fast payment for an order from your account.
4. No need to fill up delivery data on every order (for next orders - just log in).
5. Individual applicationexchange / return / complaint request.
6. Ability to edit your own data (including password change).

The standard courier delivery does not make it possible for the customers to choose the time of the delivery (the delivery time is not guaranteed). That is why we cannot guarantee the precisely time of the delivery. There is also no possibility of choosing alternative delivery addresses. However, if you have a problem with picking up the package at the times proposed by the courier, please e-mail us. We will try to find a solution. In case of delivery to a polish address we can offer InPost Parcels for those customers who might have a problem picking up their parcel from the courier. If there is a Paczkomat InPost in your area (they are now available in most cities, in big cities there are often several of them), choose this method of service. The order will then be delivered to your chosen Paczkomat InPost, where you will be able to pick it up at any time (even at night) within three days.

Unfortunately, it is a very difficult question. We make every effort to make sure that our photos capture the actual state of the products, however the color displayed on the monitor depends not only on the pictures, but also on the monitor settings, matrix, etc. Generally, the same image on different monitors may be displayed differently.

The online order may get at least 3 statuses. Here's a brief description of each:
a) "New order" - this is the status of the order that is obtained automatically, as soon as the order has been registered in the system
b) "Awaiting payment" - this status is only given to the order in which the payment method chosen is the payment through the Dotpay system; it means that our customer service has not found the money in the system yet and suspends the execution of the order until the payment has been posted to our bank account
c) "Order being packed" - the shop proceeded to completing the order (in case of prepayment, this status means that the order has been paid for)
d) "Handed over to the courier" - the order has been completed, and the package was handed to the courier company or the parcel service
e) "Order in course of clarification" - a status very rarely used, the order receives it only when it is impossible to send a package without the arrangement of some issues with the client (it means that the customer service was trying to contact the customer by email or phone and is still waiting for the customer's decisions)
f) “order completed” - the status transmitted at a time when the package has been delivered and the courier company has paid the money to the e-shop's bank account informative status only )
g) "order cancelled" - status assigned to each order which was not realised (regardless of the reasons).

Unfortunately, there is little we can do about it. Some chosen prices are being reduced at given point without our prior knowledge. Hence, our Customer Service may not know about the forthcoming discounts.